Here at the Waterfront of West Clay, we know that pets are more than just animals that live in your home; they are family.

In the American Pet Products Association’s 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, it was shown that 68% of American households are also home to pets, which comes out to about 85 million families. While 48% of households own dogs, 38% of households own cats and many households are also home to fish, birds, reptiles, and horses. All of these animals have their own needs that can be accommodated through simple home pet renovation projects.

Some of these projects have the potential to cramp your home’s style, but fortunately, there are ways to seamlessly integrate your pet’s needs into the architecture and design of your home. Check out this list of ideas we compiled on the best new home features for pets.

Wash Station

Taking your pet to the groomer can be an expensive hassle, but it’s often a lot easier than trying to wrestle our pets into our showers or tubs. However, many pet owners are now installing pet wash stations in their homes to make bathing their furry family members easier than ever. These grooming rooms are generally installed near the back door, mudroom, or laundry area.

The main fixture of these rooms is the pet shower, usually measuring 5 feet by 5 feet and placed at ground level. The shower also typically features a vinyl pan base, tiled walls, and a wand-style showerhead.

Other features to consider in a pet wash station include a dryer, drawers with pull-out food and water bowls, toy storage, pet beds, or wall hooks for leashes, collars, and towels. Including a grooming room for your pets in your home makes getting your pet cleaned up go from a nightmare chore to an easy task!

Doggie Doors

When nature calls, our pets rely on us to get them outside. Even the laziest couch potato of a pet needs to get outside every now and again, and pet doors make that simpler for everyone. While not a new or novel concept for home upgrades, doggie door options and technology have improved tremendously over the last decade.

Today’s pet door options extend much further than just a cutout in your existing front door covered by an unsightly plastic flap. A pet passageway can be as simple as a frame with a custom flap or a high-tech electronic opening. These home features can also be installed in a door, inserted in a slider track, or just built straight into the wall. Many homeowners are also placing doggie doors between interior rooms and screened porches so that animals can look out at the birds, squirrels, and cars in the neighborhood.


Many homeowners with smaller pets have begun installing catwalks in their homes to allow their furry friends to move around more freely. In today’s age of custom home renovations, these catwalks are generally stepping-stone-like shelves that allow small animals to navigate vertically into and out of rooms.

Some homeowners install small openings in the walls that lead to the second floor or other rooms on the main floor to allow their pets free access to different areas of the house. If you are concerned about the resale value of a home with a catwalk installed, the shelving can often act as bookshelves or an area for displaying collectibles for families without small pets. 


When renovating a home with your pets in mind, an important feature to consider is flooring, as certain types of flooring can be more difficult for pets to navigate and others can be more easily damaged by pets.

According to a 2015 study conducted by Houzz, the best floors for pet owners are oak or mahogany hardwoods with a distressed or matte finish to prevent scratching. Oak or mahogany are recommended because they are harder woods, so they will be more resistant to scratching and staining. This type of flooring is not only easier and safer for pets to move around on, but it’s also easier for homeowners to keep clean and prevent long-term damage.

It’s recommended to steer clear of carpet in households that include pets as removing odors can be very difficult. Linoleum and tile are also good flooring options in homes that house pets. If you are really intent on carpet in your home, the best way to go is polyester as it’s the most resistant to stains and odors.

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