Good afternoon! Jack and I want to thank you for all you help in solving the problem with the water in our sunroom. The caulking done by Reyes has taken care of it….we know your expertise was the vital link. Thank you for hanging in there with us. We are very grateful for your help..

Susan & Jack

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Paul Shoopman Homes to anyone looking to buy a home in the greater Indianapolis area. My wife Lynn and I have purchased four homes now in our life time and not all the experiences have been good ones. The buying experience with Paul Shoopman has been by far the best home buying we have had.

Furthermore, what sets Paul Shoopman Homes apart from other builders is his integrity, experience, financial strength and warranty. It is not difficult to find someone to build a structure, but the challenge comes in finding a builder that stands behind his work. Every situation that has come up with our home Paul Shoopman has taken a personal interest that the problem gets resolved quickly and efficiently. We have enjoyed our new home and our experience with Paul Shoopman Homes. We intend to build one more home in our lifetime and the only builder we will consider is Paul Shoopman Homes.


I am so blessed to have found this home! I had looked and looked and loved this home when I went inside… There were some things I needed to make it my own and even with it being a model and being complete Paul Shoopman was more than willing to assist us in making the home ours! Adding some handicap ease items here and there and a water softener and a larger patio area and drywall to the garage and appliances! I am completely comfortable with my decision to buy this home and everything promised to me has been delivered! As with any new home some things can come up and we have had a couple small things yet they were dealt with promptly and completely! The complementary paint touchup kit allowed me to keep my sanity during move in! How convenient! Paul even guided us to First Place Bank with Steve Waddell for our VA financing needs and the experience was smooth, courteous and I always felt well informed! I would recommend a Shoopman experience to EVERYONE without hesitation! Thank you to Paul Shoopman and his crew!

Most sincerely, Jeri

After being fully impressed with my coworker’s Shoopman town home in Greenwood Trace, I was ecstatic to find he is building the same plans in Westfield as I am downsizing and find these homes to be the perfect solution for me. Paul has been great to work with and has been extremely patient with me making changes as he is customizing my home to fit my taste and needs. I am now happily working with his designer selecting the final products, finishes and colors. Paul has made this a pleasurable experience to date, and I look forward to the construction and move in phase.

Sincerely, Mendy

First of all thank you so much for helping us build our first home. As two kids who have never built a home or let alone, owned a home, you helped us through the biggest purchase of our lives. In just 4 short months, you and your Regardless of the roller coaster of emotions that we experienced throughout the process, you continued to stand by our side, day-in and day-out, to ensure that everything was being taken care of the way we wanted it. Whether moment or make the situation at hand better, and for that, we are forever grateful.

To anyone looking to build a home, we highly recommend Terry Frederick to act as your sales representative. he has been so successful throughout his career. Aside from his professional capabilities, Terry is also a wonderful person with a big heart. Even to this day, it is not uncommon for me to get a call from Terry letting me know that my garage was open and he went ahead and closed it for us, or for him to simply send us a message asking how we are doing. Because of these things, and many days of conversation and laughter, we have grown to develop a great relationship with a man who, at one time, was just “the Shoopman salesman”. We thank you for all that you have done, Terry. We are appreciative for all your assistance through the homebuild-Force, and we are grateful for the relationship that we have come to develop with you. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you ever need anything.

With Love and Sincerity, Jake and Emma

Our home was built in October of last year [2012] by Shoopman Homes…to-date, most folks still think it was a model home. I enjoyed my experience with Paul…he followed through & kept his word on items that needed attention [Still does with the warranty]. Since then we’ve had minor issues in the home majority of which will be addressed when they circle back around for the one year review/walk through [nail pops, cracks in dry wall joints etc]. The responses for service have been swift including re-direction [by Paul] in the event the contractor can’t complete a certain task. Buying a Shoopman guarantees a quality home and peace of mind…you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks! Allan

We always wanted a house on a lake, and now our dream came true. We truly appreciate your personal attention to every detail on our beautiful new home. It has been our pleasure working with such a fine gentleman. Thank you very much.

Steven & Yoko

As we settle in a little better (and regain our sanity back, I want to thank you for doing a great job with the house. You were very accommodating to our never ending requests for changes. It was a long process and at times exhausting for us, but you made it smooth and enjoyable. We are enjoying our new house and love it. Also want thank Angie for helping and guiding us in selections, Dan and Steve Roberts for their work in putting together all the plans (at times multiple never ending changes in plans), Jon Guy for monitoring things so closely and paying attention to small details that ended up making a big difference in the final product, Steve for his always welcoming attitude at front and many more people in the background who made all this possible. Also a special thanks to Melissa for her help in bearing with us by looking at our multiple emails every day and responding back promptly.

Thanks a lot - you guys rock! S.

This is a letter to thank you for making our move from Phoenix, Arizona, a very pleasant experience. The home which we purchased from you, a “Brittany Model,” which was your model home in Monarch Springs, we fell in love with at first sight. It is a beautiful home and we are enjoying it more and more everyday that we live here. We have lived in our new home since March of this year, 2012. We have had very few problems. Every one of which you have responded to and have contacted the necessary people to get them fixed. Your very professional and personalized attention has made our transition very painless. We know that if a problem occurs with our house, we have but to contact you and we can rest assured that the problems will be solved. Everyone we have met who are connected with Shoopman Homes, reflect that same professionalism. We would, and have recommended to friends and family that Shoopman Home Builders is a first class operation. Thank you so much for building such a fine home.

Clarence & Charlotte

I just wanted to take time again to thank you and your building company. Paul Shoopman Home Building Group, for building such a beautiful home for me and my children. Your builders made everything so nice and beautiful for us. Friends, family, neighbors, and even my children’s bus driver have complimented me on having such a beautiful home. I would like to give this message of recommendation to anyone considering building a new home: Dear Future home buyers: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to provide a strong recommendation for Paul Shoopman Home Building Group to build your new home. They built me and my family the most beautiful I just wanted to take time again to thank you and your building company. Paul Shoopman Home Building Group, for building such a beautiful home for me and my children. Your builders made everything so nice and beautiful for us. Friends, family, neighbors, and even my children’s bus driver have complimented me on having such a beautiful home. I would like to give this message of recommendation to anyone considering building a new home: Dear Future home buyers: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to provide a strong recommendation for Paul Shoopman Home Building Group to build your new home. They built me and my family the most beautiful home that I could ever ask for. This was my second time experiencing the home building process and I am glad Paul Shoopman Home Building Group was chosen to build my home this time around. Something else incredible to know is that Paul Shoopman himself personally provided valuable assistance for me during the walk-thru process of my home. His professionalism and knowledge of the home helped to make me more comfortable with getting to know my new home. Paul made sure to explain what to expect with my new home and who to contact if I should come across any problems. His thoroughness and attention to detail also helped to make me more comfortable with my transition to becoming a new homeowner once again. Paul, I want you to know that I really appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism in helping me with questions and/or concerns about my new home. I would highly recommend you (Paul Shoopman Home Building Group) to my family, friends, and anyone in the market to build a new home.

I will gladly discuss my experience with Paul Shoopman to any potential home builders upon request.

Thanks, LaDonna

This is a letter of recommendation in the highest regard for Paul Shoopman. I have known and worked with Paul since 2003. With me and my clients by Paul’s actions he has proven himself to be honest, an excellent communicator and possessing home construction knowledge that I’ve not witnessed with most other builders. When compared to other builders Paul almost always has the most competitive sales price. I’ve served as a VP of Sales for a local and a national builder and as a real estate broker sell on average 50 homes a year. Consequently I’m fully aware of all the builder options in the Indpls. market place. Without failure I introduce every client I work with to Paul. I make sure all my buyer clients explore building options with Paul. Paul has built homes for many of my clients and all of them have been happy with the process and finished product. Paul is an important part of my business model. Every realtor and buyer should include the Paul Shoopman Home Building Group on their tour.

Thank You! James

I am writing to thank you for the really great and stress free start to my new home…. The whole process from the initial meeting with you to my sign off on the final drawings has gone smoothly. Everyone I have dealt with in your company has courteous and helpful. My new home is under construction …….this will be my second Shoopman home…and I am looking forward to a beautiful new home that brings me as much joy as the last.

Regards, M

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Paul Shoopman. We are currently building a new home with Shoopman homes and our experience with Paul Shoopman and his team has been truly exceptional. The moment we stepped into Shoopman showroom in Abney Glenn, we were warmly welcomed. Once inside the showroom, we were very impressed with the attention to fine details and superior quality. What impressed us even more was that all of our subsequent meetings to discuss what we wanted in our house were with none other than Paul himself. We met for more than two months with Paul (some of them on weekends) before even finalizing that we will be building with him. Paul listened patiently to us and accommodated all changes we continued to request. This was in stark contrast to some of the other builders in the area where our meetings seemed rushed and hence uncomfortable.

Me and my wife are very detail oriented and continued to change things throughout the process and were accommodated with a smile every time. At times, even we felt bad about sending multiple emails requesting one change after another but Paul and his team continued to impress us every step of the way by accommodating everything. We had heard about all the horror stories from our friends who had built with other builders in town where once you sign you find out that a lot of things are not even included and then will be sold as an “upgrade” at an extra charge. Again Paul and his team impressed us as there were no such surprises. The standard features in the house included so many upgrades that we just could not find any deficiencies. In fact, one of our friends who built with another builder in Indianapolis and was guiding us through the process said that he would recommend Shoopman homes as so many things sold to him as upgrades were standard every time we asked Paul. In short, if you are looking to build an elegant, high quality home with someone who is attentive to your needs, down to earth and has a great professional team and you do not want to find out surprises. Paul Shoopman homes is your team.

We are looking forward to breaking ground on our home in a few days and cannot wait to share more of our experiences as we go along.


We sat down with Paul over a number of sessions in the planning stages of our new home. In all of those meetings, he was accommodating and very patient, answering our questions about everything from enlarging existing features of the plan to taking space from less noticeable parts of the house, adding that onto other areas. He was also helpful in reminding us about what future buyers might want or need, so that what we were planning could be modified if a future buyer wanted to make changes. He guided us towards a three rather than a two-car garage, and answered questions about the rooms that most buyers look at in order of importance. In these many sessions, Paul stayed well past the normal closing time, working to accommodate our schedules so we did not have to leave work early to meet with him.

Paul also showed patience as we took the ideas home, then changed them after mulling them over, ideas like deciding against cathedral ceilings, adding footage, changing dimensions, changing door placements, etc. We never felt rushed or hurried during this phase, and felt Paul worked with our needs rather than pushing us to accept his. At one point when we discovered that we would have to reduce the dimensions of the planned home by eight inches in order to fit due to a narrower part of the plot, he spent a long time with us as we agonized over where we could cut these inches. We appreciated the time Paul took with us, guiding us in these March and April sessions to a home in which we can look forward to living.

Warmly, Mark & Margo

My first home construction experience with Paul Shoopman was in 1991 when we contracted with Paul and Dura Homes to build our home on the Indianapolis NW side. Though it was a modified production home built to suit our needs as a family of four, we were most impressed to learn and often observe that Paul would almost daily visit the job site. To me that was amazing given the number and span of homes that Paul was building throughout Central Indiana. We enjoyed our home for several years before selling (at a profit) years later due to a job change. My career changed tracks and finally realized my destiny and obtained my real estate license in 2004. Paul also migrated his business through multiple transitions to build custom homes with Paul Shoopman Home Building Group. Knowing Paul’s work ethics and his dominance and longevity in the building industry in Central Indiana, it has been my privilege to bring my clients to his doorstep, knowing that he would apply the same level of care to every customer that I personally experienced a long time ago. In doing so, I have witnessed Paul going that extra mile on multiple transactions to make certain that customer was completely satisfied with their purchase of a Paul Shoopman custom home. Other builders have come and gone. I recommend you meet the man that has not only survived, but has excelled since the 1970’s.