At the Waterfront of West Clay, we know how important the features of a custom bathroom are to homeowners. We are proud to offer custom bathrooms that are functional, beautiful, and low-maintenance for families of all sizes. To help you in the design process, we have compiled a must-have list for your new custom bath.

Bronze Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

With the sheer quantity of available bathroom fixtures, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding the best fit for your custom bathroom. In our custom homes, we selected oil-rubbed bronze bathroom plumbing fixtures.

Oil-Rubbed bronze is a chemically darkened surface designed to look like antique, aged bronze. Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures will lend your bathroom a radiant warmth and classic timelessness. These fixtures create a soft, almost time-worn appearance as they emulate an earlier hardware era that is well worn but timeless. These fixtures can also be used to create a layered, polished contrast in your custom bathroom.

Not only do oil-rubbed bronze fixtures add a unique touch to your custom bath, but they are also durable pieces that are easy to care for and will stand the test of time. These fixtures are also incredibly easy to clean — all you need is warm water and a soft cloth.

When it comes to coordinating oil-rubbed bronze with the rest of your custom bath, these fixtures’ main color component is neutral, meaning you will have endless options when choosing a color scheme. If you want functional, beautiful, low-maintenance plumbing fixtures in your custom bath, you can’t go wrong with oil-rubbed bronze.

Granite Countertops

Choosing countertops for your custom bath is another crucial decision; your bathroom countertops will need to be able to hold up against toothpaste, makeup, soap, and whatever else may come its way. When choosing a countertop for your custom bath, finding a durable material is important, but so is style. We are proud to offer granite countertops in our custom baths here at the Waterfront of West Clay.

Granite is a natural stone that is very durable and resistant to potential bathroom-related damage, such as scratching or chipping. It’s incredibly simple to clean and won’t lose any of its shine due to water. Because it is a natural stone, each slab of granite can vary in uniformity, lending your bathroom a one-of-a-kind, unique look. The stone can be found in various colors, so finding a granite slab to match your custom bathroom will be no problem.

Double Vanity

It seems that our lives today are busier than ever, especially the early morning rush of trying to get yourself and your family ready for the day. To simplify that dreaded morning process, our custom bathrooms at The Waterfront at West Clay are equipped with double vanities.

Couples today usually prefer the idea of two sinks for one simple reason — we all lead busy lives, and couples need access to the bathroom at the same time. When designing your custom bathroom, we recommend including a double vanity simply for ease of use. No more having to shove someone out of the way to brush your teeth, no more tapping your foot impatiently waiting for your spouse to free up the mirror.

Double vanities also open up more personal space for makeup, moisturizers, or shaving supplies; no more accidentally knocking your expensive aftershave into the toilet! For the most functional and comfortable custom bathroom, you can’t go wrong with double vanities.

Walk-In, Ceramic Shower

One of the most important decisions in designing your custom bathroom is the shower. The shower is the centerpiece of any bathroom, and wrong decisions about what kind of shower you want can lead to all sorts of bathroom-related disasters.

In keeping with our desire for functional, beautiful, and low-maintenance bathroom designs, we recommend walk-in ceramic showers. The Waterfront at West Clay has selected ceramic for our showers, as ceramic is incredibly durable, making it the perfect tile for use in your shower.

Ceramic is also ideal for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies as the hard, durable surface will not trap irritants. Ceramic is also the easiest shower tile to clean — as long as you own a vacuum, broom, and mop, you can keep ceramic tiles clean with little effort. The nonporous surface also won’t stain!

At The Waterfront at West Clay, we also selected walk-in showers for our custom baths over the traditional shower-tub combo. Walk-in showers are much more spacious (while still fitting in small spaces), elegant, and accessible. Walk-in showers eliminate the need for dirty, moldy shower curtains that frequently need to be changed, and the tile is much easier to clean than the typical porcelain of tub-shower combos.

Furniture-Style Vanity with Marble Top

For someone who prefers a sit-down vanity option, a furniture style vanity with a marble top will be the perfect addition to your custom bathroom. We are proud to offer such a vanity in our custom baths at The Waterfront at West Clay.

This vanity’s marble top is highly heat-resistant, meaning a styling tool such as a curling iron won’t damage it. We also equipped our vanities with rectangular, wood-framed mirrors and soft-close drawers for our custom baths.

To learn more about the custom bath features we offer, contact The Waterfront at West Clay today.