If you are considering a kitchen renovation, you may feel unsure of where to start in regards to selecting the perfect kitchen decor. The answer to your question is actually quite simple: start with your kitchen countertop. Not only is your kitchen countertop the central focal point of the space, it is also where you are likely to spend most of your time. Whether preparing a meal for your family or arranging an attractive display of hors d’oeuvres for a Christmas celebration, your kitchen countertop should set the tone for the rest of your kitchen.

When selecting the perfect kitchen countertop materials, it is important to consider the design and aesthetic that you wish to create. If you are in need of a little inspiration to get started, here are some of the top trends in kitchen countertop materials in 2019. You can also call us at Waterfront of West Clay for a personalized touch.

Realistic Veining Kitchen Countertops

Looking for a kitchen countertop material that adds an extra splash of character to your kitchen space? Look no further than realistic veining. While round particulates were a popular kitchen countertop material in the past, modern technology has made realistic veining one of the most popular materials of 2019.

Realistic veining is the best choice for those looking to add a naturalistic feel to their kitchen. Resembling naturally occurring patterns found in stones like marble and granite, quartz is utilized to produce this trending countertop design. This makes for a great kitchen countertop material due to notable durability and variety in styles to choose from.

In terms of color, realistic veining kitchen countertops are a great way to create contrast. The material itself offers an attractive contrast between the primary shade of the stone mixed with the veining patterns of a different hue. This gives you a bit more flexibility when selecting the design of the rest of your kitchen decor, as you can base these items around the kitchen countertop itself.

Classic Quartz Countertops

Classic quartz countertops have been a favorite amongst homeowners for many years and for very good reason. It has become clear when observing the trends of 2019 that quartz countertops aren’t losing popularity anytime soon. With a significant amount of colors and finishes to choose from, quartz kitchen countertops are another great option for those looking for character.

Aside from its obvious beauty, there are a number of other reasons that quartz has remained one of the top choices for kitchen countertop materials for so long. While we have already mentioned its superior durability, quartz should also be applauded for being non-porous. This is an important quality in a kitchen countertop material as it eliminates the need for regular re-sealing, making it a standard feature in most kitchens. With little maintenance needed to keep your countertop looking elegant, classic quartz is one of the most hygienic material options available to you.

Honed and Polished Kitchen Countertops

While honed and polished kitchen countertops are very different in terms of finish, they are two of the most popular kitchen countertop materials in 2019. Each of these materials also has something drastically different to offer homeowners of varying tastes.

Honed Countertops

Honed kitchen countertops feature a matte finish that closely resembles weathered stone. They are also well-known for being lighter in color than most polished countertops and do not reflect light. It is important to note that honed countertops are more porous than polished countertops, requiring a bit more maintenance.

As a final added benefit, honed materials are rougher in texture and are fairly resistant to minor surface damage. This makes them the best option for high-traffic areas, so if you’re the kind of person that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, a honed kitchen countertop may be the best choice for you.

Polished Countertops

Polished countertops are known for their significant shine and are most ideal for those who want to incorporate an elegant, luxurious feel in their home kitchen. Thanks to a smooth texture created during the polishing process, polished countertops are quite resistant to stains. If your family is prone to spills and accidents, a polished countertop will be much easier for you to clean.

If you favor the use of more decorative kitchen lighting, a polished finish will serve as a great compliment to create a more modern design. When pairing a polished material with the right lighting, you can create an impressive gleam that keeps your kitchen looking luxurious day in and day out.

Tile Kitchen Countertops

You may be surprised to find that 2019 has been a trend year for a certain material typically used for backsplash – tiles! Believe it or not, tiles are a great material for kitchen countertops as well. This retro kitchen countertop material is great for those looking to inspire a more vintage feel in their kitchens. As an added bonus, tile is also budget-friendly, making it the top choice for homeowners who need to find cost-effective alternatives when renovating the kitchen.

While tile kitchen countertop materials do require regular re-grouting in order to stay clean, the use of tile also gives you a lot of creative freedom. From different colors to varied textures, tile gives you the opportunity to create unique designs and patterns that set your kitchen countertop apart. If you need a little help finding the right tiling for your new kitchen countertop, you may want to contact an experienced tile installer to help guide you through this process.

Wood Countertops

Whether you prefer a rustic, summer cabin-like feel or a cozy winter cottage atmosphere, a wood kitchen countertop surface is a decorative yet functional choice. As one of the most useful choices for food prep, all aspiring chefs will be pleased with the ability to prepare food directly on the surface. In another point awarded for functionality, wood kitchen countertop materials are also heat-resistant, eliminating the need to worry when setting a hot pot or pan directly on the surface.

Finally, when designing your perfect kitchen, wood countertops grant you the ability to select the precise color you’re looking for. With a large variety of color tones available, your kitchen countertop will match your preferences regardless of whether you favor light or dark wood.